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They use historical, philosophical, psychological, and feminist methods to tackle such basic issues as: What goes on when viewers perceive a film? How do filmmakers exploit conventions? How do movies create illusions? How does a film arouse emotion?

ISBN 13: 9780299149444

Bordwell and Carroll have given space not only to distinguished film scholars but to non-film specialists as well, ensuring a wide variety of opinions and ideas on virtually every topic on the current agenda of film studies. Alliances can be made anywhere and between anything and transformation is immanent within such encounters.

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Post-theory : reconstructing film studies

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Copenhagen: University of Copenhagen, Dept. Moving pictures: A new theory of film genres, feelings, and cognition. Hanson, E. Out takes: Essays on queer theory and film. Hietala, V. Situating the subject in film theory: Meaning and spectatorship in cinema. Hochman, J. Green cultural studies: Nature in film, novel, and theory. Moscow: University of Idaho Press. Hockings, P. Cinematographic theory and new dimensions in ethnographic film.

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Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology. Hockley, L. Cinematic projections: The analytical psychology of C.

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Jung and film theory. Luton: University of Luton Press. Jeancolas, J. L'auteur du film: Description d'un combat. Kaminsky, S. American film genres: Approaches to a critical theory of popular film. Dayton, Ohio: Pflaum.

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Lapsley, R. Film theory: An introduction. Martin's Press. MacCabe, C. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Mast, G.

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